Summer Love, 2018, 15x18"
Lace Lighting, 2017, 27x11x8.5"
Big Poppa, 2018, 38x28.5"
Siddhartha, 2017, 16x13"
Sunrise Panels, 2017, 54x8"
Marilyn in Gold, 2018, 22.75x22.75"
Marilyn in Blue, 2018, 22.75x22.75"


I have been a production glass artist for more than two decades. That means I spend my days designing unique objects from scratch and then reproducing thousands of them to exacting standards. I take immense pride in precisely crafting each and every design. As I have progressed, it seems only natural to take these finely honed processes and apply them to something grander, something far greater than the sum of its parts.

These pieces represent an ultimate merging of the skills I have acquired over the years. Each bespoke component is carefully crafted for a specific purpose. I love to use various techniques to create order from chaos, play with perceptions, and do all of that seamlessly.


David is an artist, creator, builder, and inventor. He blends decades of precision glass flameworking with a variety of other mediums to create visually stunning, cultural statements. David is available for collaborations and commissions.

David works closely with you to bring your vision to life. To schedule a consultation, request pricing information, or speak with the artist’s team:

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